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Mayor’s Award – Crooked Thumb Brewery

The creation of Crooked Thumb Brewery and rehabilitation of it’s home at 555 10th Avenue South in Safety Harbor was a process that spanned over a year and a half. As with any project of this scope, there were frequent set-backs, challenges and head-aches. Luckily, the brewery founders were focused and charged forward pouring countless hours, dollars and effort to finally get the doors open to the public. That is why it was so rewarding to receive the 2015 Mayor’s Award of Excellence for beautifying Safety Harbor. Each year one business receives this award for their efforts in creating an attractive space that helps improve the overall aesthetic of the city. The goal at Crooked Thumb was to create an inviting space for locals and visitors to gather and enjoy good beer and conversation. This award represents success at achieving this goal. We are so grateful to the city of Safety Harbor for their recognition and plan to continue to improve our space for years to come.

Safety Harbor Brewery

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Crooked Thumb Brewery | Preview Weekend

Now Open in Safety Harbor!

Last weekend we threw our doors open to the public for the first time. Friday and Saturday evenings we offered a preview into what we’ve been up to at the brewery. It was great to finally see our vision of a place where the community could gather together over great beer and conversation come to life. We watched as young and old walked, biked and drove over for a visit. They came from just around the corner to across the state. We truly appreciate everyone who came out to show their support for a locally owned independent business and the craft beer community. The brewery is still a work in progress as we iron out some kinks and finish up the tasting room space. All the positive feedback received so far helps propel us along. We will have limited hours again next weekend as we move along toward completion. If you missed last weekend’s preview come see us this Friday and Saturday October 24th & 25th from 4-8pm.

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Hop Hunting

Travis was out in Oregon a few weeks ago for a little brewery research and to attend the 28th Annual Oregon Brewer’s Festival. In his travels he visited with many breweries and tasted more beers than he could keep track of! Oregon has been on the cutting edge of the craft beer movement in the United States for over 30 years. Breweries like Widmer and Bridgeport are considered pioneers in the “first wave.” Add in newcomers like The Commons (a favorite), DeGarde (a close second), and Pfriem Family (yep, that rounds out the top 3) and you see where the innovation has taken the beer scene in the state. With over 60 breweries in the Portland area and a total of 216 in the state, there is no reason to go thirsty. This is certainly a great place to do a little investigation.

One of the the visits Travis made during his travels around Oregon was Crosby Hop Farms. On this family owned hop farm, 4th and 5th generation Crosby’s grow a half dozen different varietals including some organics and broker many other varieties. As the harvest arrives in late August/September, things were in full bloom with the bines reaching the tops of the trellises and cones growing plump and beginning to gain their resinous oils and lupulin.

Based in Florida we are unfortunately far away from a majority of our raw materials and their providers. Even with this hurdle, it is important for us at Crooked Thumb to be close to our sources of raw materials to ensure only the best ingredients go into our brews. Being able to get out and walk the hop fields was part of this commitment and we hope to do it often. We are in the process of setting up hop contracts for years to come with Crosby and a couple other hop purveyors to insure we have all the hops needed to make everything from our house IPA to the unique seasonal brews we have been dreaming of.

Stay tuned!

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Walls are up, doors are being installed, and we are just weeks away from welcoming our 15 BBL brewhouse from Brewfab. The cooler is in place and soon to be up and running. The sprinkler system is piped in around the building. Next week we will be doing some insulation and preparing the building inside and out for paint.

It seems like all of this takes FOREVER, but we are happy to see progress and can’t wait until it’s complete and ready to share with you all!

On the pilot system we have been busy coming up with recipes for our first beer offerings and look forward to sharing them. To date, we have been piloting a wide variety of styles including various IPAs and Pale Ales, Pilsners, Porters, and a Munich Dunkel Lager we know you will enjoy!

Piloting efforts will continue as we get closer to opening. Be sure to keep your eyes on Facebook for a couple early tasting events in July and August.

Meanwhile…our search for the next member of our team, our head brewer, is underway. For the next couple weeks we will be looking for an individual that will help us “Stick Out” and further our vision for fresh local beer brewed in Safety Harbor. The right person is out there, oozing with beer passion and brewing wisdom, that will compliment our devotion to the craft and the brewery we are building. The search won’t be easy, but the rewards are sure to result in many tasty brews. If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for this position, take a look at our Jobs page.

Until next time,


The Crooked Thumb Crew



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Moving Right Along!

We’ve been moving right along the last couple of months here at Crooked Thumb World Headquarters.

The drains have been poured and will be connected this week, plumbing and electrical is progressing, and the bar is taking shape. Our equipment should be hitting the ground the very end of April and our cooler will be installed early in May.. (We’ve included some pictures of the progress)

As we monitor all of this progress we brew and brew, dialing in recipes and ideas,
waiting to be able to open up the doors and share Crooked Thumb with you all. We can’t wait, we hope you can’t either!

Stay Tuned!