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Mayor’s Award – Crooked Thumb Brewery

The creation of Crooked Thumb Brewery and rehabilitation of it’s home at 555 10th Avenue South in Safety Harbor was a process that spanned over a year and a half. As with any project of this scope, there were frequent set-backs, challenges and head-aches. Luckily, the brewery founders were focused and charged forward pouring countless hours, dollars and effort to finally get the doors open to the public. That is why it was so rewarding to receive the 2015 Mayor’s Award of Excellence for beautifying Safety Harbor. Each year one business receives this award for their efforts in creating an attractive space that helps improve the overall aesthetic of the city. The goal at Crooked Thumb was to create an inviting space for locals and visitors to gather and enjoy good beer and conversation. This award represents success at achieving this goal. We are so grateful to the city of Safety Harbor for their recognition and plan to continue to improve our space for years to come.

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  1. My wife & I love coming to Safety Harbor during our trip south for Spring Training. And now, a brewery in Safety Harbor! Can’t wait see the place and taste your beers.



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